Utility Billing Only

With the utility billing only service, residents send their utility payment directly to the property management office, and we then invoice the property for the billing fees. As residents generally pay the fees, there is no additional charge to the property.*

*Where regulations allow.

Utility Billing Solutions

We know every property is unique and has different needs. At Hocutt, we customize each billing program according to your requirements. No matter what billing solution you choose, you are guaranteed accurate and on-time billing.

Utility Billing Solutions Benefits Include:

  • Recover billable items such as trash, pest control, HOA dues and more.
  • In house compliance department ensures all local, state and federal requirements are being met.
  • We help you review the existing lease language.
  • Full integration with your existing rent software.
  • 24/7 secure account access through our online system.
  • A dedicated relationship manager will also provide ongoing management of your billing program.


Billing Methods include:

Recover Utility Expenses
Allowing residents to be responsible for their utility expenses encourages conservation efforts. With this service, residents are able to recover their utility expenses and keep an eye on their energy usage.

Convergent Billing and Full Software Integration
Our convergent billing software helps increase expense recovery and make bill payment simple for you and your residents. Residents receive a concise statement that includes rent, ancillary and utility charges, and they can send payment directly to the property management office or to us. There’s no extra work for the leasing office, as our billing program integrates seamlessly with your property management software and residents can manage their account and make payments online.

Water, Electric, and Gas Sub-Metering
We not only sell and install water, electric and gas submeters, we can also manage the existing submeters on your property. Worried you’ll miss a meter reading? All of our submeters offer remote, automated and manual reading abilities, and we can collect readings from most other submeters, too.

RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing Services)
If you need a submetering alternative, we offer Ratio Utility Billing services. We’ll help you create a formula that meets all state and local legal requirements.

Our custom formulas consider:

  • Number of occupants per apartment
  • Separate metering of landscaping or other community services
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-consumptive appliances
  • The percentage of utilities that will be covered by management
  • Individual apartment square footage or number of rooms

*Where regulations allow.