Convergent Billing – Data Exchange

We use convergent billing to provide a statement to residents, which details their utility charges for the month. This bill gives the tenant all their information in one place, including line items for rent, amenity fees, balance carry-overs and any other charge or fee reflected in their resident ledger.

Convergent billing keeps things simple. The billing fees for the service are passed onto the resident, which means no additional charge for the property*, and residents pay the full amount of their bill directly to the property management office.

This billing service works with:

  • Yardi
  • Realpage
  • Property Solutions
  • Resman
  • We can also create a custom solution for you.

*Where regulations allow.

Electronic Data Exchange (EDE)
Manage your program from one place: your PMS system. With our EDE, we remove all extra steps to ensure uninterrupted recovery program management.

We work with property managers and owners to:

  • Establish and maintain customer interfaces, improve service, create efficiencies, and ensure software upgrades go smoothly
  • Eliminate manual updating to PMS and accounting systems, freeing on-site staff time and reducing costs
  • Provide accurate, reliable and consistent information
  • Increase resident satisfaction due to accurate and timely billing

*Where regulations allow.