Full Service Billing

Our full service billing helps to streamline residents’ payment process. The read, bill and remit service sends residents their utility charges, and then they can pay online or by mail.

Funds are transferred directly into the property’s bank account, less the billing fees. Fees are generally passed on to the residents, so there is often no charge to the property*.

Maximize utility recovery dollars for your property by using our full service billing, payments and reporting solution. The program provides everything you need to initiate and manage a utility cost recovery program.

  • Resident billing specific to property needs
  • Electronic payments
  • Automated data exchange between our system and property management systems
  • Flexible analytics and reporting tools
  • Superior service for properties and residents
  • Comprehensive reporting

Secure Billing

Do you want to be sure your information is secure? Our data security and financial controls ensure the highest level of security standards both domestically, and now, internationally.

Electronic Data Exchange (EDE)

We work directly with your property management system (PMS) to provide uninterrupted recovery program management.

How our program works:

  • Processes over 1 million transactions per month and has over 50 control keys to guarantee accuracy
  • Establishes and maintains customer interfaces, improves service, creates efficiencies, and ensures software upgrades work
  • Eliminates manual updating to PMS and accounting systems, freeing on-site staff time and reducing costs
  • Provides accurate, reliable and consistent information
  • Increases resident satisfaction due to accurate and timely billing

*Where regulations allow.