New Construction Installations

We understand that Hocutt is only one part of your construction site, so we make sure that we always stick to our schedule to ensure you finish on time and on budget. In addition, we also develop integrative milestones that complement your other projects.

Our schedule is decided in an initial planning call between you and your assigned project manager, and once delivery dates are confirmed, we make sure to always meet them.

For a successful installation:
We work with builders, developers, owners and managers at all stages of construction and beyond. As we combine submetering services and resident billing, we are an integral part of making sure everything continues to go smoothly once your property is occupied.

Key steps to new construction include:

  • Review construction plans to ensure proper submeter integration with project
  • All fittings (tubes, couplings) provided
  • Open communication with superintendent and project manager to ensure project milestones are met on time.
  • Use site plans and specs to indicate where key equipment and outlets are needed.
  • Installation aligns with resident move in and the beginning of billing cycles.

Submetering Retrofits

We know that construction on an already occupied residency can cause some inconveniences, so we strive to make our retrofitting as minimally disruptive as possible. Before any construction begins, your assigned project manager will create a schedule that matches your needs and establish transparent communication with residents.

We make an effort to always complete project milestones on time and to communicate any changes well in advance.

There won’t be any surprises during installation. Technicians will always wear nametags when on site and you’ll be made aware of possible resident contact, like first day of installation or billing cycle, so that you can make the right preparations.

At every retrofit installation we:

  • Obtain all necessary building permits
  • Minimize impact on residents
  • Open communication with the property manager and maintenance manager

We support multiple submeter systems and equipment including the following:

Water Meters

  • Master Meter
  • Meter Technology Werks
  • Neptune Technology Group
  • Norgas
  • Tehama Wireless

Electronics (Data Communications)

  • Next Century
  • Inovonics Wireless Corporation
  • Cereniti
  • Tehama Wireless
  • Aclara

Electric Meters

  • Leviton
  • Ohio Semitronics